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Elisabeth Oldmixon

Welcome to Parenting Insightfully Life Coaching

The most important job we may have in the world is parenting children. We do this best when we do it with insight, purpose and intention.

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the challenge

Children don’t come with instruction manuals. They arrive in our lives at birth, or sometimes, through various circumstances like adoption or remarriage, at older ages. Even when we want to do the best we can as parents for our children, life can get complicated, and life events can get in the way.

Why Work With Me

We often can benefit from an outside set of eyes and ears focused on our situation, bringing a fresh perspective. With over two decades of working with children and families in a variety of professional settings and utilizing different clinical approaches, I supply that set of eyes and ears while also providing practical input based on my long experience. Working together, we can make challenging situations work better for everyone in the family.

MY Mission

I certainly don’t have all the answers, but I can help parents better meet the needs of the children they have right in front of them, by finding their voices and strengths. Using a judgement-free and structured approach based on my professional experience, I will help you sort out your thoughts, feelings and goals as we work together to find the best solutions for your particular circumstances. And we can do this work in a way that is consistent with your family’s values and/or faith.

A Word

From Me


I am focused on helping families to find practical solutions while being aware that often those solutions may require creativity and flexibility and an ability to think outside the box.

– Elisabeth Oldmixon

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