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What I Offer

Parenting struggles?

I offer structured coaching to parents who are struggling with a challenge in their family. Through active listening and an empathic relationship, we will examine the current family system with an eye on how the relationships within it are currently functioning, the development of parenting beliefs and practices and we will create plans to make concrete improvements. Those improvements may include communication, structural and behavioral changes with the goals of increasing individual satisfaction and autonomy while developing or maintaining healthy relationships within the family.

Based on my experience, I believe many problems that children face can be solved, in large part, while working with their parents.  Changes in how a parent interacts with their child can often lead to dramatic changes in child behavior and attitude. With that in mind, I usually prefer to work with parents in my practice.  In some cases, if appropriate, I will work directly with children and teens, alone or together with their parents.

Although my focus is on parents and families, I have also worked in other settings and would be happy to help individual adults solve problems having nothing to do with children.

I do not provide therapeutic treatment; I do not make diagnoses and my services are not billable to insurance.

I see clients in person in the Triangle Area of NC and can see clients in all 50 states over Zoom, Skype, Google Meet or Signal.

Please contact me for hours and rates and to see if we would be a good fit.

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